The information below describes how the Agency defines the data being viewed.

LabelTotal Number of Children Served by Billing Period
CategoryState Fiscal Year
Data SourceOEL
DefinitionCount of children who have received School Readiness services during a specified billing period.
CalculationUnique count of children by county, coalition, or state. The Billing Period is determined based on the PRRP_D_START date in the payment table (PRRD). To be included in the results, the child must have received School Readiness payments during the Billing Period that sum to a value greater than 0.
NotesThe Billing Period is the month services are delivered. Due to withdrawals and new enrollments, different children may be served across billing periods. You cannot calculate the total number of children served during the fiscal year by adding the number of children across all billing period; this results in a duplicated count of the number of children served. The unduplicated, cumulative count of children served during a fiscal year is displayed in the School Readiness (SR) Enrollment Data section of the Early Learning Services Fact Book.